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Purchasing Reef Blueprint

Customers outside of North America please visit this page.

North America: Retail

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United States: Wholesale

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Worldwide: Formul8 Sea Salt 80 USG and larger, and Bulk Formulation Sizes

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If you are a consumer within the United States, then please visit your local aquarium retailer or one of the online options shown above to purchase Reef Blueprint products.

To purchase Formul8 and Formul8x sea salt blends, visit one of the links above or follow this link to the Captiv8 Aquaculture online sales portal for 80 USG and 160 USG sizes.

If you are a consumer outside of the United States, then please follow this link to the Captiv8 Aquaculture sales portal.


If your business is an authorized dealer of the Reef Blueprint product line and your company name does not appear above, or if you are interested in becoming an authorized dealer, then please contact us.

Per our Internet Sales and MAP Policy, Reef Blueprint branded products may not be sold through clearinghouse-type online retailers, auction sites, or through third-party online vendors.

Organizations and individuals conducting work within aquaculture, horticulture (including hydroponics), biofuel production, research, academia, and/or the establishment and maintenance of zoological displays may purchase Captiv8 Aquaculture commercial blends directly

A note about online purchasing: if you are an individual in search of a specific Reef Blueprint product and are unable to locate it online, then please contact us and we will provide you with the names of authorized dealers who will special order and drop ship the item to your location.

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