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Garlic Extract; ≥99.9%

RB Pair Garlic100 60mL 355 mL.bmp


  • Provides several natural immunostimulant compounds and feeding stimulants, while avoiding oils, chemical preservatives, and artificial colors which may negatively impact biota within recirculating aquatic ecosystems.​

  • Intended to be applied as a supplement to particulate feeds dispersed into recirculating marine ecosystems housing fish cohorts (all salinity values, from freshwater through full-strength seawater). Not a medication.

Purchasing Options

Reef Blueprint (packaged in sizes suited to systems ≤500 gallons)

Captiv8 Aquaculture (larger systems, commercial, academic, research, zoological)


Shake bottle prior to each use. Begin by applying 0.05 - 0.10 mL (1 - 2 drops) Garlic100 to particulate feed; allow at least 60 seconds for saturation to occur before dispersing feed. Observe fish feeding response to initial application and adjust this amount as required. Excessive application may cause fish to temporarily cease feeding. Employ as deemed necessary.


System nutrient levels are unlikely to be impacted by Garlic100 when used as directed.


Garlic100 does not require refrigeration, however storage in refrigeration will improve longevity of active components. Do not permit contamination of Garlic100 with foreign substances (e.g. system water). 


Notice: It is not possible to eliminate all risks associated with the use, handling, or storage of this product. Ineffectiveness, injury to crops and/or livestock, or other unintended consequences may result due to factors outside the control of Captiv8 Aquaculture or the seller. Buyer or user shall assume all such risks. For details, go to Terms and Conditions. Consult SDS before use.


Disclaimer: Captiv8 Aquaculture warrants that this product conforms to the description, and is reasonably fit for the purposes described, on its label. In no event shall Captiv8 Aquaculture or the seller be held liable for any incidental, consequential, or special damages, loss, or injury, including, without limiting, lost profits, resulting from the use or handling of this product. The exclusive remedy of the buyer or user for all claims shall be the return of the purchase price of this product. Express and implied warranties are disclaimed. Captiv8 Aquaculture does not authorize any agent or representative to make any other warranty, guarantee, or representation concerning this product.

For sale by Captiv8 Aquaculture and its authorized dealers, only.

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